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Jacqui Old
Head Of Health, Education, Care And Safeguarding
3rd Floor
Quadrant West
Silverlink North
Cobalt Business Park
North Tyneside

5th November 2015

Dear Jacqui

Thank you for your undated correspondence.
I would however like to make a response.
Firstly, you are incorrect when I stated that I wanted no further verbal communication outright, that is a misinterpretation. What I wrote was that I wanted written information from the Social Service department in relation to the review, before I engaged in any further verbal communication. The simple reason for this is because your department has colluded, lied, been thoroughly deceitful, has falsified information and made false allegations against me. They have also behaved in a thoroughly unprofessional manner and even made racist statements against me, which had no foundation.

North Tyneside Social Services has conducted a grotesque vicious, prejudicial campaign against me from the start. I will now give 10 examples of the way in which this authority has behaved against me.

1. It was stated to the court that I had a mental illness, later on it was acknowledged that I did not, social workers cannot diagnose mental illness, yet they made fraudulent and corrupt allegations against me, in what could only be described as virulent persecution. Indeed there was no truth in this whatsoever and statements from two doctors clearly proved that, yet I was still subject to a whole plethora of lies, both written and verbal for a whole year and even after the court case.

2. The court was informed that I had left my child in a dangerous position on a road, unsupervised outside a launderette. That statement was totally, completely and utterly false, indeed the Health visitor reported that she had seen me and Kalindi outside of the Launderette and she was inside the pullchair and sleeping.

3. It was stated that because I belong to an ethnic group, that in terms of myself, I would have had quote "poorer physical and mental health than from other groups and often lack access to health professionals." Another complete and total fabrication.

4. My eldest daughter Krishna was not allowed to speak in court. Indeed it was said that she was "incapable of knowing what she wanted for her life". How dare your organisation, belittle my eldest daughter in such a way. That was an absolute disgusting lie.

5. I was accused of having "a conviction for child neglect" which was also a complete fallacy.

6. It was stated "that I, (Luci) - "has strong culture views as well as religious views, some of which are not acceptable in our country". I am a Hindu and there are no religious views which are not acceptable, that was also a lie to the court. Indeed it clearly demonstrated religious bias, with intent to persecute.

7. North Tyneside social services directly lied about an incident which occurred in the public area of the court on 1st May 2014. It was cited that the incident was made up, it was not and indeed it caused me great distress and two other witnesses took the trouble to write in and confirm what had happened.

8. I have been subject to contracts which I have been forced to sign, under duress, with the threat that contact will be withdrawn if I do not sign. That is illegal under UK law, test this in court, that is if you dare.

9. Laura Grundy the children's Guardian also cited that "I had strongly held beliefs which prevent me from empathising with the emotional needs of my children". Yet another fabrication. Again I was a victim of religious discrimination.

10. Several other documents relating to myself and my children were also falsely and erroniously filled in. I have never had a period in care, my children according the Health visitor reports were well cared for and well catered for. Yet these reports were all but omitted from the court and I was not allowed to call them in as witnesses. Yet another example of the menacing, racially and religiously prejudicial manner in which North Tyneside Social Services has acted against me.

Indeed there were over 80 false and inaccurate statements submitted into court by North Tyneside Social Services. Unfortunately it does not help if judge Hudson is also racially biased or prejudice. As anyone who was not, would have deemed the evidence of the Social Workers as inadmissable. Therefore they would have been discredited as witnesses.

It is for this reason why I wish no further verbal communication with North Tyneside Social Workers, they are completely deceitful, they twist and misinterpret conversations, they are dishonest in their preparation and presentation of evidence, worse they are most certainly prejudicial.
As regards my ex partner it does concern me that my daughter is being left unsupervised with a man who has had two convictions, one for endagerment of life and drug usage and yet another more recently for drug usage and selling. Have North Tyneside Social Services obtained proof that he is not on drugs? I seriously doubt that they have. If anything untoward happens to my daughter as a result of their actions, if they have not sought proof, I will most certainly undertake a prosecution against those involved including the judge herself.

I would like to ask your department, what convictions do I have? Where is your medical evidence that I ever harmed my children, where are the doctors reports and when have I been charged?

Answer I don't have any convictions. North Tyneside Social Services has conducted what could only reasonably be described as a hate campaign against me and have been appallingly dishonest in their conduct. Therefore everything from now on should be presented to me in writing, before any matter is discussed, in that way I can address the issues concerned.
As for the rest of your letter, I believe you should have been aware of procedure, you are after all the case manager, therefore you should be briefed on such matters, I would also like to advise that I have a number of independent witnesses who would be more than willing to confirm what has been written in this letter, if you wish them to write into the Council, then I am sure they would be willing to do so. Of course you could say that would be "contempt of court", to which I would reply your authority has already committed contempt of court through the lies you have procured about myself. Lies which incidentally the Council has acknowledged.
Finally, in respect of my daughter's wish to take this matter to court herself, may I remind you that is not illegal and indeed it is her legal right to seek access to any court in the UK, as she is mature, capable and intelligent enough to do so, and under the UN convention of children's rights, she has a legal right. Indeed, due to her age, - (and the fact she would, if she were to do anything illegal that is, be tried in a adult court), - has a right to be heard by a judge in a court. No one is pushing her, she wants to do this herself and you have no legal justification to prevent her from doing so.
Once again though as with all the events which have taken place as regards myself, it appears as if you are desperately continuing to engage in some sort of cover up as regards your actions as an authority. I am of no doubt at all that certain employees should be charged with perjury, perversion of the course of justice, malfeasance and reprimanded for gross professional misconduct. Basically your authority has presented to court nothing but lies about me and I have not only substantial evidence to support that, but also witnesses to prove many of the reports which were made against me were false.
I will be forwarding a copy of this letter to the Home secretary, My MP, my daughter's MP, Brazilian diplomat, along with Northumbria Police and I will be once again requesting that an investigation take place for perjury, perversion of the course of justice and corruption within North Tyneside Social Services in relation to my case.
There are no other words to describe the absolute distress which the amount of lies which this authority has perniciously and vindictively persecuted me with, along with the sustained emotional abuse of its false allegations, - other than inhuman. I only hope that God can forgive you, because I know I never will.
Thank you for your correspondence, it was not unexpected.

Luci Da Costa

c/c Ian Lavery MP
c/c Mrs Glindon --> Krishna's MP
c/c Brazilian diplomat
c/c Northumbria Police
c/c Paula Adamson

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