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i, my name is KRISHNA. I like the performing art very much. I pay a lot attention in my acting classes. I learn the lines for the auditions and performance by practicing for hours at home. Acting is part of my life. Everyday when I talk to my mum I make little improvisations, or mimes to caracature the things she is talking about, for fun. I wish I could work in an adventure movie, where I would fight Kung fu like Jackie Chan does or fantasy, like Charmed.
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During the first hearing , January 2014, KRISHNA's solicitor stated in court that my daughter did not know what she wanted for her life, because of that statement, the judge denied my daughter her legal right to speak in court. Indeed it was not until the final hearing, in August 2014 that the judge went to speak to my daughter.
The new judge, Hudson, asked my daughter what she wanted most in her life. My daughter replied to come home and be with me. The judge then said, if that was not possible, what is the second thing that she most wanted in her life, my daughter replied that she did not want anything else but to come home and that she wished that the court case was over.
On the day of judgement, 22nd August 2014, the judge informed us, that my daughter was only repeating what I had said, as if she thought I had transplanted the idea into my daughter's mind, or had some influence over her, other than that of a mother. Or perhaps she saw my daughter as a mindless Parrot, who is trained to repeat words, however my daughter is none of these, she is a bright intelligent 12 year old girl who is far too independent to have words put into her mouth. But I suppose the judge had to find some excuse to justify the actions of my Local Authority.
I am of no doubt that both the judge and the judgement was biased, however, there is nothing anyone can do in a court which is so heavily prejudiced and biased against the plaintiff as the UK family courts are. Indeed in many cases like mine, parents are nothing more than victims of the miscarriage of justice, perpotrated by these pseudo legal entities.
Also with the help from Pat, Social Services would bring in a keyboard each time I would see my 12 year old, so she could could play some music and show me what she had learned in her piano class. My daughter is very talented, she not only takes part in Kung Fu, but also does drama and keyboard. She can listen to music on YouTube and then reproduce it on the keyboard, without notes. Yet this is a child a solicitor said, does not know what she wants for her life. These people are fantasists, liars and frauds. My daughter knows what she wants, she is intelligent, articulate and capable. Rather than me, it is the family court system which is seriously flawed.

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