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Luci da Costa If you hate people and feel pleasure in torturing children, you are qualified to apply.
Yusef Peace That is not what social workers do
Luci da Costa You opinion can be based in 3 factors: 1) you are ignorant of what the social workers are doing, 2) you are a social worker, 3) You never had a child stolen by them.
Nicholas Callaghan What are you even doing on community care group troll ???
Beññ Joseph Vaughañ iam sorry that this is your view of the profession but as social workers we don't make the final decision, the courts do... social workers only make a recommendation based on evidence, facts, research, experience and knowledge. They don't go around abducting children like you would suggest. Social work is a profession with a negative connotation because sometimes we have to carry out difficult tasks that individuals, parents and families don't necessarily agree with but that are in the best interests of the children and all decisions over overseen by persons more senior than frontline practitioners. Also social work spans more areas than child protection, it also spans adults, children, families, mental health, disability, substance misuse, domestic abuse, palliative care, homelessness, child sexual exploitation, physical emotional financial sexual abuse and neglect, foster care, adoption, older adults, leaving care, education, supporting and safeguarding vulnerable groups in society and much more. Social work faces a lot of pressure and often the essence of the profession is lost within the media but the work we do is in the best interests of the service user and their needs must be paramount. Most local authorities offer support for persons affected by the outcomes of social work practice and can aid the understanding and clarity of a situation and the decision making process with you. Stigmas are generally biased or skewered views and not accurate reflections of a situation or scenario
James Antony Mee Social workers are singularly the most horrible, dishonest, manipulative, devious, deceptive people I have ever encountered in my life. I would never, ever trust any one of them whatsoever.
As for saying you acting in the best interests of the children, I rather suggest you dump that over bloated pretentious ego. I am appalled at what I have encountered. Physical, emotional and psychological abuse is endemic throughout the whole of the family court system, basically it is barbaric and it is long gone time someone stood up against this draconian regime, which is puerly based around money. Best interests of the child, in your dreams. Finally no I have not had any personal experience of the family court system, but I have had friends who have and I am disgusted at the way this system operates. It is completely and utterly both inhuman and barbaric, indeed belongs in the age of the witch hunts and the Torquemada, it is nothing more than an inquisition, with just about as much justice. The family courts are as much about justice as apartheid was about racial equality.
I will never, ever trust another social worker as long as I live, you don't deserve it.
Finally my children are grown up, both have done well and both in university, I have told them don't ever have children in this country, because its authorities are out of their heads.
Terence Canosa Yusef Peace Yes they do I have the evidence
Fiona Robson Mr Vaughañ is clearly misinformed about his own profession, and would do well to examine the statistics, talk to parents, and learn about what is really happening under his nose, not only in Lambeth but all over the country. Contrary to Mr Vaughañ's belief, the whole system - from the social worker through to the judge - is heavily biased against the parent from the outset. I agree that there may be genuine cases where removal of a child is warranted, but many of those go unnoticed and ignored, as social workers are far too busy on their witch hunt against innocent parents. Children are taken away on the slightest pretext, often on the hearsay of a disgruntled ex-partner, without any proper evidence or investigation. Once the child is gone, the social workers will do all in their power to justify their decision, and will never admit that they might have made a mistake, as that would make them look “unprofessional”. They must uphold their professional pride at all costs, even if that means manipulating or distorting the facts, or downright lying, to “prove” that they have made the right decision. After all, they know nobody will believe the parent over the professional. Many of these parents are vulnerable, and you can be sure, the social worker will find a chink in the armour, which they will then exploit to the full. Mr Vaughañ seems to be under some sort of illusion that social workers are making the world a better place. Sorry to burst that bubble, but the truth is rather different.
Terence Canosa Well said Fiona xx Make these twats see sense cos when it happens to their own kids they will come back to us and tell us that we were right!!
Glenn McWilliams Paul Brewster
Luci da Costa Terence Canosa Yannis Emmanouel
Terence Canosa Of Course your biased Benn as the evidence is stacked against you Benn Vaughan Registered SW105135 Penrith
Terence Canosa How many innacurate reports do you process for the courts?
Sarah Stubbings Didn't have evidence in our case so they fabricated it. And then got caught out. Always record them....they don't like that.
Yannis Emmanouel Not all social workers are bad.
The ones used to remove babies at birth (forced adoption) and to write defamatory and untrue reports against innocent parents, are the "special ones".
These are (mostly females) characters that if they was not social workers they would have been criminals been convicted for fraud, child abuse and evn child rape.
How a decent social worker in here can pretend not to know that 80% of care leavers are mentally and psycologically destroyed.
The female care leavers are getting pregnant at a young age and been hooked on drugs. The male care leavers commit crimes such as theft, drug related crimes, and violence. this 80% of care leavers can be over 100000 young people who if they was not taken from their family enviroment, perhaps they would have better chance in life.
Poor families, and learning difficulties parents are not bad parents.
Many succesfull scientist, politicians, and scholars come from poor backround, because their loving parents egouraging them to do better than them.
Social workers in evidence, are writting false reports in a spitefull way to convince the courts that the child is in danger.
A danger to be Over loved? Over hugged?
So we are not trolls.
We are parents who have experience the dishonesty, the brutality, and the fraud of some "evil" social workers that have put a stain in the social work profession.
Are we lying?
We are inviting any current or future social worker to speak to children who are in foster care, or children who have left foster care.
You decide.
Tim Haines A great career for habitual liars! EVERY client we assist says "social workers told lies"...


Conversation I had today, 09 Oct 2014 with one of my lawyers...
Peter, it has been long time I had been contacting many solicitor to accept my eldest daughter but they don't do it. XXXX ignore me too. Please, do you know any Children Panel solicitor to refer to me?

Luci, I think that I explained to you that at the present time KRISHNA is the subject of a Care Order who was represented by the Guardian and a Solicitor. She would not at the present time be entitled to separate representation. You must be patient and await your appeal and the proceedings relating to KALINDI.

KRISHNA is legally entitle to sack her solicitor, she is legally entitle to her own solicitor plus she is also legally entitle to sue the LA from the time she had to spend away from me because of the false accusation made against me and her [provable].
Children of parents wrongly accused of abuse can sue, court rules - Community Care
enough is enough.

Technically, Luci, you may have a point. KRISHNA's voice will of course be heard through the Guardian's Solicitor , if permission is granted for the Appeal. If KRISHNA is dissatisfied with the advice given by the Guardian and by the Guardian's Solicitor then she should raise this initially with her Social Worker and with the Guardian. She can also write to Judge Hudson. I cannot advise or represent Krishna because I am representing you! The approach which may have a better chance of success would be to wait for a year or so and then apply to discharge the Care Order. In my present case in Manchester a 15 year old boy is separately represented in unusual circumstances. I am very doubtful whether KRISHNA would be eligible for legal aid because the proceedings involving her have finished. Regards, Peter

My daughter is entitled to a solicitor who will represent her interests, not the interests of the Guardian, Cafcass or the Local Authority. This is a clear violation of her Human Right to a fair hearing. The Local Authority, without consultation is forcing my daughter to accept their legal representation. My daughter has not been advised that she can choose the solicitor she wishes to represent her and my daughter is quite capable of making that decision.
Once again this amounts to a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, through ensuring that my daughter is only allowed to have Local Authority, or Cafcass representatives.
My daughter has a legal right to decide upon her own representation and in law, she also has a legal right to sue the Local Authority.
It is not a question of waiting a year to have something squashed, it is a question of what justice is and means in this country.
Racial prejudice, religious intolerance and discrimination are all hallmarks of this Local Authority, what is more they have told a complete pack of lies in order to remove my children.
One final thing Peter, I know you cannot win against a predominantly biased system or a system which is not geared towards justice, but rather its own interests. I fully understand that, no one can.
I also know that the appeal is merely another formality, far too many people I know have lost their appeals, no doubt unjustly, there is no hope in this system whatsoever. It is incredibly, biased, thoroughly dishonest and a complete travesty, though I appreciate the work you have put in to this. The system is completely and totally skewered, indeed it is likely that the family courts are no more than a mere show, a show in which the outcome is already preset. Justice in the family courts is none existent.


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