13.11.2013 North Tyneside Social Services removed my Children. the social worker Alison Dodds came home and kidnapped my children. She said to sign the session 20. I would like to point out that Section 20 uses the word accommodation, not the words foster care or adoption and unless this is a deliberate attempt by the law to be deceptive, then no agreement was ever made or reached for foster care or adoption.
To justify her action, she wrote reports with over 80 lies. The report wrote by a previous social worker and 2 Health visitors that knew me for 3 month prior to her, were not given to court. Social workers mislead the court. Alison herself said that she didn't know me and my children well, then how could she write a long statement about my character and life? She wrote over 80 lies about me and my children.
Reasons given in court:
A. Mother's Mental Health report written by Dr Stephanie Hill, Consultant in Forensic and Clinical Psychology, which is dated 24th February 2014. This report clearly states that "Ms Da Costa does not demonstrate problems with mental illness" and then it goes onto say, "that there is no evidence of psychosis".
B. Home Conditions after they removed my children, I got a 3 bedroom flat 2 weeks later, which they never came to assess it. They always treated me with total disregard.
C. Lack Of Supervision By First Respondent I have already acknowledged this. As a single mother I was in need of a new house, so therefore on one occasion only, I left Krishna in charge of my 12 year old daughter Kalindi.
D. Inability to meet child's emotional needs This accusation has no foundation and as evidence, I refer to the statements of my then Social Worker who said, in reports made that:- In the initial assessment By Joanna Dean 28th August 2013, she states on:- Page 6 "that Kalindi presents as having a loving bond and attachment with her mother and older sister."
E. Drug related offending behaviour of both M and F
Firstly, it was me who called the police because of Craig's Cannabis farm and secondly, I have never used drugs, nor was I tested at the time for the use of Cannabis.
F. Inability to work consistently openly and honestly with professionals.
This is unfair, those who call themselves professionals, have lied, engineered, procured and promulgated false information; have engaged in defamation of character, denied my 12 year old daughter, who is bright articulate and intelligent the right to speak in court, the then solicitor stated that Krishna was immature and incapable of knowing what she wanted for her life, which is completely untrue. I was also made the victim of mental health accusations which had no foundation whatsoever, conversations were twisted and used against me in court
G. History of D.V. There was only one occasion where I threw plates at Craig, however I was afraid at that time because he had become violent and threatening to me. He punched me when Kalindi was 2 month old. He emotionally abused me for a year. I was 3 month without him when the SS stole my kids.
H. M has recently expressed an intention to obtain fake passports and remove the children from the jurisdiction to Brazil. I was concerned about the safety of my children and also about the serious amount of false information which Social Services had procured and promulgated about myself.

I. M and Craig Robson have exposed the children to the cultivation of cannabis within the home. My ex partner Craig, was arrested, charged, prosecuted and imprisoned, for growing Cannabis. However, I reported the Cannabis farm as soon as I knew about it and can provide evidence to support this, as it was I who called the police.
At the trial, it was acknowledged that I was living under threat of Craig, who had a violent past, which I did not know of, which the trial judge accepted, it was also accepted that I had not used any cannabis at all.

--.12.2013 The guardian, Laura Grundy, from CAFCASS met me once with each child and was capable to write report about me for a year. Don't worry, she based her horrible reports on the despicable reports from the social workers. And she still claim to be professional and independent.
--.01.2014 An assessment from Carol's (mother of Craig) sister to adopt Kalindi.
27.01.2014 Ms Da Costa has been subject to a Parenting Assessment, undertaken by Susan Reed, Social Worker. (she is also a lair, she contradict herself on her own report and I never had any other parental assessment, even after I request the judge).
31.01.2014 Judge Loombha gave ICO, s31. He said he was not sure whether Krishna wanted to be with me or not since her solicitor said that Krishna didn't like me and was immature and incapable to know what she wanted.
24.02.2014 Psychological Assessment undertaken by Dr Stephanie Hill, Consultant Psychologist.
27.03.2014 Senior social worker Joseph Robson. He abused my baby, making her hysterical. The social workers did not give her the teddy bear deliberately so she was distressed and they knew l would react negatively. I spat on his face, I was arrested, went to criminal court and had to pay over £100 fine. From 27th March 2014 to 24th April 2014 the social workers did not allow me to see my children.
31.03.2014 Addendum Parenting Assessment by Becky Anderson Social Worker. She made the assessment without interview me.
31.03.2014 Hearing to poison my child Kalindi (vacination). I and her father were against having her being vaccinated, but he changed his mind, to be on the social workers side. Carol made me stop clean Kalindi ear's with cotton bud, it is dangerous, but to inject on her little body ingredients: hydrolized gelatin, chick embryonic fluid, and human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue is not dangerous...
03.04.2014 SS made application for a s34(4) no contact order currently before the court and injunction order. James wrote some papers to judge Loombha, highlighting the lies of social workers to read before the hearing start. He read them and didn't give these 2 orders.
24.04.2014 Joseph Robson called me to sign a Contract of Expectation, that was a copy from the previous contract he had given me in December 2013. Again, if I didn't sign it, I wouldn't be allowed to see Krishna. Contract under duress...
24.04.2014 I was allowed to see Krishna. She arrieved telling me that the guardian told her to write a letter. Krishna was upset and told me she would write the letter and give to the judge herself, as she didn't trust the guardian. The supervised social worker terminated the contact because we broke the rule from the Contract of Expectation, for talking about legal matters. The social woker took my child out of the room like a police arresting a criminal.
01.05.2014 Hearing, Clair Hunter, Solicitor of SS lied to me, saying Kalindi was ill, Fiona and James were witness to this and gave their estatement. Next day I called SS and they informed to me through Terence that she was not ill, she hasn't been seing by a doctor yet. This lie caused me extreme distress, as I haven't see her since 27.03.2014.
26.05.2014 Letter to my solicitor Claire to request my Data from SS. She did and they ignored her too.
29.05.2014 Letter to Joseph Robson senior social worker. "I wish to object very strongly against the continuing refusal of North Tyneside Social Services to allow my daughter to attend the Hare Krishna place of worship in Newcastle."
--.05.214 Hearing about Religion descrimination. Judge Wood order that Krishna be taken to the Hare Krishna temple once a month.

25.06.2014 Complaint 01
Formal Complaint against North Tyneside Social Services for child neglect.
30.06.14 Formal Complaint 02
Against North Tyneside Social Services, For Mental Health Persecution. 07.07.2014 Formal Complaint 03
Issued Against North Tyneside Social Services - Racial And Religious Discrimination
03.07.2014 Formal Complaint 04 About contact between myself, Kalindi and Krishna in relation to Formal complain 01 (Kalindi) and the letter.
15.07.2014 Formal Complaint 05 To North Tyneside Council.
22.08.2014 Judgment for Krishna. My 4 Witness were not called to the heaing and judge Hudson talked to Krishna in her room instead at the hearing. Guardian changed her mind, she no longer wanted my baby for adoption. James had made her life a hell, contacting even the Ombusman and making her apologise for the lie she wrote about me, that I had a conviction for neglect.
12.12.2014 Hearing - application for an independent social worker, a further assessment of myself by the IS and the removal of the guardian and recusal of the judge. (the judge denied all of these 3 request).
09.10.14 Rebecca Anderson, social worker, Skype assessment of my sister Cristiana with a unprofessional interpreter. It was really crap yet judge Hudson accepted it.
17.10.2014 Formal complaint 06 falsified and inaccurate statements by North Tyneside Social Services
24.10.2014 Letter to Chief Constable Northumbria Police Force Headquarters
I wish to make a report of criminal activity and of several criminal offences,These offences include: 1. Duplicity, 2. Misfeasance in public office, 3. Violation of the Human Rights Articles, 6, 9 and 14, 5. Perjury through the submission of inaccurate and misleading reports, incorrectly filed forms and the submission of both written and verbal allegations, 6. Slander, libel and defamation of character.By 1. Joseph Robson, senior Social Worker, North Tyneside Social Services, 2. Alison Dodds, Social Worker, North Tyneside Social Services; 3. Laura Grundy, Cafcass, 3. Rebecca Anderson, Social Worker North Tyneside Social Services, 5. Victoria Manser, Social Worker North Tyneside Social Services.

22.01.2015 Judgment for Kalindi. She was place with her grandmother under SGO and I allowed to see her once in two month and her father every week! Judge also gave s91 for me. Right, I was the victim of DV and the man that caused the DV can see the child every week and me only once in two month.
02.10.2015 Posted Letter before action, for Civil Litigation, to the 4 defendants, Joseph Robson, Alison Dodds, Victoria Manser and Laura Grundy.
21.10.2015 Judge Justice King, the dyslexic judge, London, denied my appeal of s91. Before she had also denied my appeal of Krishna's care order... she said that I didn't 'work with professionals'.
30.10.2015 Applied to dismiss the SGO.
03.11.2015 File Civil Litigation on Queens' bench.
05.11.2015 Krishna applied to dismiss the care order. With it she wrote a letter stating that she doesn't need any guardian and she doesn't want judge Hudson as her judge this time.
05.11.2015 I met Grace, secretary of Ian Lavery MP. She called James Howlsworth and told him they should have a hair strand test on Craig since he is allowed to have unsupervised contact with her. As usual, Social Services didn't care. They are placing my 3 years old on the hand of a criminal and drug addicted.
14.11.2015 Sent letter to the SS to provide me with the Data of all of us, they need to reply me by 28 Dec 2015.
16.11.2015 Queens bench sent back the documents, stamped and I served all the defendants.
18.11.2015 Queen's bench transfered the Civil litigation to the local Newcastle court. Court said it take 6 weeks for a hearing (30th Dez 2015)
26.11.2015 Applied for Prohibitted step order, emergency hearing. I am requesting the judge to make Craig to have a hair strand test.
03.12.2015 Hearing with judge Lordy about Prohibited step order. He told me that judge Hudson gave me a s91 what forbids me to apply to any order for 2 years, plus anything relate to the case has to go trough her. He also said that: "It is very unusual for someone to have got a s91" He said just because I got s91 he could stop the application to go any further, but instead he sent me back to Hudson. CAFCASS had to be called.

11.01.2016 Hearing listed for directions with judge Hudson about the Prohibited step order I am requesting, to not allow Craig to have access unsupervised with Kalindi without first he undertake a hair strand test. On this day will also be a hearing about dismiss the SGO. Also about Krishna to dissmiss the care order. She was represented by Sheelagh Coles.
Krishna was present with her foster carer, she was beautiful, confident and happy and her barrister was there too. Craig was there with bold head.
01.02.2016 Krishna will meet her solicitor.
04.02.2016 Hearing about dismiss the SGO, judge Hudson will decide whether return Kalindi to me. Also whether the judge will order Craig to have a hair strand test.
Kalindi was not returned to me . Judge Hudson granted appeal. She also didn't order Craig to have a hair strand test. Craig appeared with very short hair again...

11.02.2016 Krishna's hearing. Judge Hudson told Cafcass to assess Krishna. We will return to court on 27th May 2016. I met my new barrister, Robert Gilbert in this hearing.
22.02.16 Made application for Appeal for Kalindi's case.
02.03.16 We had a hearing to request the judge for a psychologist to evaluate Krishna whether she has been influenced by me to apply to dismiss the care order, as Social workers accuse me. Judge refused it.
28.04.16 Judge Sir Andrew McFarlane REFUSED the appeal.
27.05.16 Krishna Hearing. My barrister, Robert Gilbert, requested judge Hudson to recuse herself for being bias.
03.06.16 Jugde Hudson DID NOT recuse herself.
03.06.16 Applied to increase contact with Kalindi
07.06.16 Applied for disclosure of the court bundle.
22.06.16 I made complaint to Judiciary about judge Hudson, for refusal of recuse herself for being bias.
04.07.16 I made complaint to CAFCASS about Vanessa Bell for label.
07.07.16 Sent application to the RCJ for Appeal the refusal of the judge to recuse herself.
16.07.16 Sent Letter before claim to Vanessa Bell, Cafcass, for Civil Litigation.
25.07.16 Made application for Civil Litigation againt Vanessa Bell.
27.07.16 Judge Hudson talked to Krishna. She had done that already in 2014.
03.08.16 Filed for Private Prosecution against the 3 social worker and Laura Grundy. Kishna's Final Hearing... 9 month after her application. She was represented by a brillant barrister, Diane Campbell.
05.08.16 Judge Hudson informed in court that Krishna would not be allowed to return to me. We are in November now, and I haven't got the judgment. 16.08.16 Handed a bundle to the Magistrate court. Private Prosecution against judge Rachel Sophie Margaret Hudson for perverting the course of justice. She denied a Pychological assessment of Krishna for my defense, as the L.A. was accusing me of coarsing her.
17.08.16 Krishna's case judgment. The judge had already told us on the 9th that she refused Krishna application to dismiss the care order, so I did not attend this hearing.
19.08.16 Kalindi's hearing about increase my contact with her. Only I and my barrister attended the hearing. Craig, the grandparents, the L.A. and Cafcass did not attend (!).
01.09.16 Krishna's hearing about increase contact with her and have unsupervise contact.
Again the judge ignored my request. 08.09.16 I sent a letter to the North side social services informing that I no longer want to be subject to their abuse every time I have contact with Krishna. Krishna will come to visit me at home, as she did once and we can meet anywhere else as we did too.
26.09.16 Kalindi's hearing. I applied to increase contact. I don't think the judge gave it. I haven't got this hearing judgment and the previous two.
The hearing was postpone for 10.10.16 because I was waiting for the result of the appeal regarding the judge refusing to recuse. So at this day we request this judge for the third time to recuse herself...
14.10.16 Civil Litigation against social workers of North Tyneside: Alison K. Dodds (for over 80 lies and breaking Humans Rights law), Joseph A. Robson (for forcing me to sign a document under duress), Victoria Manser and Cafcass guardian Laura Grundy, both for Libel.
01.12.16 Civil Litigation hearing.

17.1.17Hearing about the Application to increase contact with Kalindi. It was adjourned for 2-3.4.17
16.03.17Forth Hearing about judge Rachel Hudson to recuse herself.


24.03.17I took the matter to the High court.
3-4.4.17 Hearing about Increase contact with my baby Kalindi. At moment, since Jan 2015, I am allowed to see her just 6 times per year and her drug addicted criminal father can see her once a week unsupervised or as he please, since there is no one watching what he is doing and judge Rachel Hudson refused a drug test on him.

07.04.17 The pathethic judge decreased contact instead!!!!
I cause "emotional harm" to my child, she said, again... she must be a bloody Psycologist!

07.04.17Applied to dismiss the SGO at Middlesbrough County Court at Teesside Combined Court.

I find it both repugnant and deplorable that according to a Guardian report, children can be removed from parents, without real grounds to do so, no doubt soley in order that wealthy people can be given extra provision to care for those children. This is completely repellent.
I have long known that social services have been engaging in social engineering, but the level of this is alarming.
Surely familes would be better helped if provision was made to support them through times of crisis, instead of social workers, Cafcass and the family courts indulging themselves in what amounts to nothing less than a gravy train of child trafficking.
This must be stopped. Our own Government has a duty to protect people from abuse, yet the most abusive environments in this country are often those who claim to care for the vulnerable and elderly and that includes the family courts and the entire child care system.

beautiful child


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0044 (0) 7746579713
Luci Vieira da Costa - mother
Krishna Gouri da Costa - daughter 31/12/2001
Kalindi da Costa - daughter 03/08/2012

In Nov 2013, My girls were kidnapped by

North Tyneside Social Services.

Social workers:

Alison Kellie Dodds | Registered SW45812 | North Tyneside

Alison K Dodds

Victoria Emma Manser | Registered SW82444 | Wallsend
Joseph Andrew Robson |Registered SW33774 | Newcastle Upon Tyne
Rebbeca Anderson social worker, Susan Reed...


family court

Protest in Newcastle


- INTERIM CARE ORDER, 21 november 2013, by Victoria Manser,

my papers 28. D11. KALINDI was placed in Local Authority foster care on 13/11/13 under a voluntrary arrangement,

I would like to point out that Section 20 uses the word accommodation, not the words foster care or adoption and unless this is a deliberate attempt by the law to be deceptive, then no agreement was ever made or reached for foster care or adoption.
The only agreement which was made was for a temporary proivision of accommodation. It was to a "temporary accomodation" which I agreed, nothing more, nothing less.
Nowhere in section 20 does it use the words foster care, or that in signing this form, that either of my children would have been subject to foster care, if it had done I would not have signed or agreed to the statement.
The wording used above D11 is not the same wording as used in section 20, I refer to the act itself, nor was the wording fostering or adoption used in anything which I signed.
Section 20 of the Chidren Act States
20 Provision of accommodation for children: general.
"(1)Every local authority shall provide accommodation for any child in need within their area who appears to them to require accommodation as a result of—
(a)there being no person who has parental responsibility for him;
(b)his being lost or having been abandoned; or
(c)the person who has been caring for him being prevented (whether or not permanently, and for whatever reason) from providing him with suitable accommodation or care. "
In terms of the agreement I made, it was in reference to the clear terminology of Section and the interpretation of Law's use of the word "accommodation" which is laid out in section 20. At no time did I ever give any agreement to, or was ever informed that, section 20 related or pertained to the fostering or adoption of either of my children. Nor does it state anywhere in section 20 that this is the case. To say otherwise is completely misleading and may well amount to misrepresentation of the law itself.
If it is the case that section 20 misrepresents the law, then Section 20 has been used against me in terms of either a clear and wilfull abuse and deliberate misinterpretation of the terminology laid out in section 20, by the Social Workers concerned.
Or it is that the law is written in a terminology which has the, clear, deliberate and wilful intent to mislead or misinform, as regards the contractual" basis of any agreement I undertook, which was based on section 20 subsection 9.
I reiterate once again that nowhere does it mention either fostering or adoption, merely "accommodation". Therefore it can only be speculative at best, or a deliberate lie at worst to say that I agreed for KALINDI to be placed in foster care, by a voluntary arrangement. I did not.
For my part, I have never once agreed to the first statement, in terms of its definition or its use in relation to fostering and adoption. If this is the case, then again my signature was again obtained by eliberate intent to deceive and mislead me in order to procreate a false statement for the Authority and with wilful intent to conceal the words fostering, or adoption. Once again I again reiterate, these words are not contained in the Act. If this is the case, any contractual obligation on my part is null and void, as this was not what I signed for or agreed to.
I, Luci Da Costa, have therefore been deliberately subjected to disinformation, which was misleading by intent, without my legal rights being recognised or acknowledged and without recourse to a Solicitor. I never once gave any consent to the local authority for either adoption or fostering of my children and to say that I have is libel, with intent to cause significant emotional harm and stress. Added to which this statement has clearly been submitted with intent to pervert the course of justice, in terms of my original understanding of the agreement. The intention here is to mislead the court into believing I signed an agreement for something which I did not. That is a perversion of the course of justice.
Brief definition of libel...
libel 1) n. to publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth about another which will do harm to that person ...
D11. KALINDI was placed in Local Authority foster care on 13/11/13 under a voluntrary arrangement, (...)
The untruth which was published in D11 was to say that a voluntary arrangement had been made to place KALINDI and KRISHNA into foster care. That statement is untrue, therefore libel - What I agreed to was accomodation.

I Luci Da Costa, therefore have been deliberately subjected to disinformation and a wilfully misleading statement without my legal rights being recognised or acknowledged and without recourse to a Solicitor. I never once gave any consent to the local authority for either adoption or fostering. To say that I have is libel and this statement has clearly been submitted with intent to wilfully pervert the course of justice, in terms of my original agreement.


D11. There are no concerns regarding KALINDI's health or cognitive development. KALINDI verbal communication is developing in line with her age and stage of development and she is spooken to by her mother in both English and portuguese. KA is observed to be a stong willed, sociable and inquisitive littel girl who will go to adults with whom she is not familiar.

There are no concerns and there have been no concerns about KALINDI, other than factious and fictitious statements made by the Local Authority, who have systemically and systematically acted against the best interests of my child.

The only incident where my child which has been subject to scrutiny, is the incident where I left KALINDI with my then 12 year old daughter KRISHNA to supervise for half an hour, whilst I went to desperately find a new house, in order to remove myself from an abusive, and violent relationship one where my ex partner also used illegal substances.

At this time I should have had assistance, rather than being subject to a plethora of lies, false reports, disinformation, racism and religious persecution as regards me and my children from my Local Authority.

Alison K. Dodds, the social worker sent by Victoria Manser, to remove my children.

Brazil TV Record


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My baby KALINDI at 4 year old


Kalindi 1
Kalindi 3-4

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